Tornadoes Ravage Clinton County, Illinois, Damaging Businesses and Properties

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Tornadoes Destroy Businesses in Clinton County - Illinois Business News

On the night of May 26, Sunday, powerful storms swept through Clinton County in the Metro East, Illinois, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The hardest hit areas were New Baden and Carlyle, where two EF1 tornadoes were confirmed. The tornadoes brought winds up to 90 mph, causing significant damage to businesses, homes, and public spaces.

Severe Damage in Carlyle

According to a report, the tornadoes caused severe damage to several Carlyle businesses, including Beelman Truck Company and Carlyle Truck Repair. Both establishments experienced winds of up to 70 mph. Beelman Truck Company’s roof was torn off, while Carlyle Truck Repair saw its walls blown off and its metal building collapse inward. The damage extended to vehicles, with cars and even a school bus parked nearby also affected.

Destruction at Eldon Hazlet State Park

Eldon Hazlet State Park, located less than two miles from Carlyle, was not spared. The campground was hit hard, with numerous trees toppled over, some blocking roads and others landing on RVs. Campers described the storm’s sudden onset, emphasizing the unexpected intensity of the tornado. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. 

Impact on New Baden and Surrounding Areas

In New Baden, the EF1 tornado brought winds up to 90 mph, downing power lines and prompting fire crews to close off roads. Storm chasers captured footage of the winds ripping through the area, illustrating the storm’s ferocity. Nearby communities, including Belleville and Dupo, also reported downed trees and large branches, adding to the widespread impact of the storms.

Community Response and Recovery

The community’s response in the aftermath of the tornadoes highlighted their resilience. Residents came together to clear debris, assist neighbors, and begin the process of rebuilding. Despite the significant damage and the emotional toll, the people of Clinton County demonstrated a strong sense of solidarity and determination to recover from the devastating storms.

Emergency management teams are continuing their efforts to assess the damage and support affected residents. The focus remains on restoring normalcy and ensuring the safety of the community as they navigate the recovery process in the wake of these destructive tornadoes.

This article was based on a report by Mercedes Mackay, Megan Kernan.

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